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Welcome to Roseredd Etc! I’m Rochelle Sodipo Washington the multi-talented artist behind the the the brand.

Art is my life. It sounds cliche and dramatic but the shoe fits and I’m wearing it proudly.


Some of my talents include:

*Digital Design (I create bomb ass websites & marketing collateral) 
*Sketching and Doodling (It soothes my mind)
*Branding and Business (I quit the broke and struggling artist life)
*Crafting (You'll get plenty of that here)
*Singing and Songwriting (Yes girl, I'll be serenading you often)


I work with creative women who are ready to express themselves in their business and personal life. You may read this and think, “But I’m not creative. I can only draw stick figures and I only sound good singing in the shower.” That’s not what creativity is about. It’s about the desire to express yourself. Everyone is creative, but question is...are you ready?


Can you say yes to at least one of the statements below?:

1. You want to set yourself apart from the competition while tapping into your ideal client
2. You are tired of a creatively starved lifestyle
3. You desperately want to get crafty. You often look at other people's crafts and think..."Damn, I want to do that.


Why should you work with me? It’s simple. I create dope shit + My track record is impeccable CHECK OUT MY WORK


I’m a southern belle with an edge. Creativity has been in my blood since I entered this world. I’ve worked in corporate america for over 12 years before I decided to jump into full time entrepreneurship. I am now a full time entrepreneur that’s dedicated to self expression and taking as many women as I can with me (I enjoy the company).

I know what it’s like to juggle your dreams with reality. I had to learn business through a lot of trial and error. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted AND make money. I didn’t become successful until I realized that there are some basic principles that you just can’t ignore. Being a broke artist isn’t my ideal lifestyle. I’m not just here to help you creatively, I’m here to help you in your blooming businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or an e-commerce business owner, I can position you visually in a way that adheres to industry standards while blowing the status quo out of the water.

So what’s your story? Having problems in this area? CLICK HERE and download my free guide. “How to tell a brand story your clients actually care about” I’m excited about our new relationship whether you’re sticking around just to see what I do with flowers and glue gun or if you want me to up-level your brand.

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