You have heard this before but, I will scream it one more time for the cheap seats!  A brand is NOT the following: a logo, colors, stock images, graphics or copy.  Don't get me wrong, each of these elements plays an integral part in sharing the brand story and connecting with your audience.  Don't believe me?  Hit the 'Gram and check out your favorite blogger or your fave product brand.  Digest what they've posted.  How does make you feel?  What would you tell someone about the brand if you had to make a recommendation?  Whatever you come up with...THAT is the brand (not their logo!)

A brand lives in the minds of your audience.  It is what people THINK and FEEL when they encounter you, your products, or your services. 

When elements of your brand stop working, the coveted connection you wanted with your audiences is LOST.  Oh, they may still buy but, they may not join your community OR they may be comfy hanging out in your tribe but, won't convert into SALES.  

We don't always know what isn't working for our brand. We spend hours digesting information trying to figure out why our target audience is not connecting.  Why aren't they joining the community?  Why aren't they B-U-Y-I-N-G?  I mean, they know you, like you, and trust you...right?  Your colors are poppin, your graphics are bangin', your website is fly AF...right?   You can't quite put your finger on's time for an audit.


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