Uncloned Life - Brand Identity Design

Audria Richmond is a marketing genius, speaker and author (and photographer, and designer). When she approached me to create the brand identity for her new endeavor, Uncloned Life, I was excited because I really respected her design skills, and her marketing…well..genius! She shared with me that Uncloned Life was going to be a movement, an anti-brand, and the masthead of her personal brand, book, and service offerings. Hell…a conglomerate, really!

The First Step: Set the Mood

It’s always cool working with other creative folks. Audria invited me to her Pinterest board that was full of inspiration. I picked the images from the board that closely resonated with the spirit that she wanted to convey - unconventional, futuristic, vibrancy.
Buzzwords: Uncloned, Unconventional, Unabated, Unfettered, Dissimilar, Polarizing


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

It was all a dream (no Biggie)! No, seriously. I had a dream about “UN” (that’s the name of the Uncloned Mascot). I woke up and sketched her out with a ballpoint pen (check the sketch below). I explained to Audria that I used Dolly the Sheep as an inspiration. She loved the idea that Dolly was the first animal to be cloned and the rest is Uncloned history! The textmark is a tall, sans-serif typeface. The word “Uncloned” is disrupted to echo the irreverent spirit of the brand.


The Third Step: Collateral

Working with someone who is a fellow creative is FUN! We created so much collateral that it is hard to share it all. To this day, Audria is stretching the identity system of the Uncloned Life brand. We created book covers, journals, apparel, stickers, business cards, and social media graphics.


Black Wallet - Brand Identity Design

The Black Wallet is owned by Jasmine Grant. It is an online directory, mobile app, a business services provider, and an educational resource to empower every member of their tribe with the knowledge and tools for success.. How EN-GENIUS is that?! Jasmine wanted to create a Afro-Centric brand identity system. Remember the Green Book from back in the day? Well, this is our 21st century situation (btw…you can place an add on there honey!).

The First Step: Set the Mood

The mood for The Black Wallet consisted of abstract patterns, earth tones, and sans serif typography. Our ancestral cultures are so vibrant and potent so, there was endless amounts of inspiration to draw from. Jasmine trusted the vision so wholly and completely and the result was glorious!

Buzz words: Afro-Centric, Futuristic, Tech-savvy, Bold, Community


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

The logotype for the Black Wallet is the nucleus of the brand identity system. It is comprised of a mark and a text mark. The symbol represents - the many, collaborating to become one. The bold serif type emphasizes the word BLACK creating a magnet drawing in the audience’s eye.


The Third Step: Collateral

The devil is in the details, right? Well these patterns are the juiciest details you can get! They are speaking volumes all over the inter-webs. Go back up and look at those buzz words. Community - CHECK!, Afro-Centric - CHECK!, Bold - CHECK!

RRE Graphics - the black wallet-02-02.png
Black Wallet_Collateral_Rosereddetc

Crystal Marie - Brand Identity Design and Web Design

Crystal Marie is a vibrant and fashion forward event planner, speaker, and entrepreneur. Crystal Marie desired a unique and bold brand identity system and website design for her personal brand. She was launching a sub brand, “Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit”, and wanted to create a platform that was appealing to her target audience.

The First Step: Set the Mood

The Crystal Marie mood is made up of bold patterns and vibrant colors. The entire mood was set and inspired by an amazing cape that Crystal Marie had made. It says “She’s The Boss!”. What a PROLIFIC wardrobe piece (I mean, so is her whole wardrobe, btw…) The cape featured bold, handwritten brush typography. We paired that vivid image with contrasting colors and bold black and white patterns.

Buzz words: Feminine, Fashionable, Bold, Powerful, Intentional


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

The brand identity features a combination logo with both a text mark (Crystal Marie) and word mark (“CM”). It was important that word mark featured a chic profile that mimicked that of fashion houses Chanel and Fendi. We used sans serif typography and handwritten type to create the design.


The Third Step: Website Design

The website features a simple and chic layout with bold graphic elements that are derived from the brand identity system. This site is an ecommerce design, designed on Squarespace. We used Spreadshirt to sell her merch, too.


The Fourth Step: Apparel

The sub brand “Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit” was featured on tshirt designs, bags, and buttons. The FDGWMO brand is all about empowering women to rise above fear, anxiety and insecurity and cease the things that make them happy, fulfilled, and productive.


Kishshana Palmer - Brand Identity and Website Design

Kishshana is a Management and Leadership Coach, Philanthropic Fairy Godmother, and CEO of Kishshana and Co. She is a stylish, intelligent and savvy go-getter. She and I worked together initially on a monthly design retainer. During the retainer, it became apparent that she needed to expand the breadth and depth of her brand identity. Her needs included brand identities for sub brands, digital and print collateral, product development, packaging design and a new digital home.

The First Step: Set the Mood

Kishshana loved some of the elements of her previous brand identity system such as her bold palette, and vibrant patterns. It was important that during this re-brand, we incorporated some of the things she really loved while refining her overall aesthetic. We played with the palette and made lots of room for her sub brands. That was very important.

Brand buzz words: Bold, Feminine, Stylish, Confident, Authoritative



The Second Step: Website

Kishshana and I agreed that her website needed to reflect her refined “Claire Huxtable + Blanche Devereaux” personal style. A writer at heart, Kish had large amounts of copy that she needed to include in an interesting, easy to digest way. She, myself, and developer, Katrina of Riotcustoms.com worked to select a Divi Wordpress theme that we all loved. Then, I designed a new theme from scratch! (insert hysterical laughing and crying emoji). The result was beautiful. Meet the new Kishshanaco.com:


The Third Step: Collateral and Sub Brands

This is a hard working woman with her hand in many pots! Therefore we have created several sub-brands and supporting collateral for those brands. The main objective for these sub-brands/and projects is to make them look and feel like true subsidiaries of the main Kishshana + Co. brand, which is totally informed by Kishshana as a person.

Postcard & Invitation Mockups 5.png