Black Wallet - Brand Identity Design

The Black Wallet is owned by Jasmine Grant. It is an online directory, mobile app, a business services provider, and an educational resource to empower every member of their tribe with the knowledge and tools for success.. How EN-GENIUS is that?! Jasmine wanted to create a Afro-Centric brand identity system. Remember the Green Book from back in the day? Well, this is our 21st century situation (btw…you can place an add on there honey!).

The First Step: Set the Mood

The mood for The Black Wallet consisted of abstract patterns, earth tones, and sans serif typography. Our ancestral cultures are so vibrant and potent so, there was endless amounts of inspiration to draw from. Jasmine trusted the vision so wholly and completely and the result was glorious!

Buzz words: Afro-Centric, Futuristic, Tech-savvy, Bold, Community


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

The logotype for the Black Wallet is the nucleus of the brand identity system. It is comprised of a mark and a text mark. The symbol represents - the many, collaborating to become one. The bold serif type emphasizes the word BLACK creating a magnet drawing in the audience’s eye.


The Third Step: Collateral

The devil is in the details, right? Well these patterns are the juiciest details you can get! They are speaking volumes all over the inter-webs. Go back up and look at those buzz words. Community - CHECK!, Afro-Centric - CHECK!, Bold - CHECK!

RRE Graphics - the black wallet-02-02.png
Black Wallet_Collateral_Rosereddetc