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Crystal Marie - Brand Identity Design and Web Design

Crystal Marie is a vibrant and fashion forward event planner, speaker, and entrepreneur. Crystal Marie desired a unique and bold brand identity system and website design for her personal brand. She was launching a sub brand, “Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit”, and wanted to create a platform that was appealing to her target audience.

The First Step: Set the Mood

The Crystal Marie mood is made up of bold patterns and vibrant colors. The entire mood was set and inspired by an amazing cape that Crystal Marie had made. It says “She’s The Boss!”. What a PROLIFIC wardrobe piece (I mean, so is her whole wardrobe, btw…) The cape featured bold, handwritten brush typography. We paired that vivid image with contrasting colors and bold black and white patterns.

Buzz words: Feminine, Fashionable, Bold, Powerful, Intentional


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

The brand identity features a combination logo with both a text mark (Crystal Marie) and word mark (“CM”). It was important that word mark featured a chic profile that mimicked that of fashion houses Chanel and Fendi. We used sans serif typography and handwritten type to create the design.


The Third Step: Website Design

The website features a simple and chic layout with bold graphic elements that are derived from the brand identity system. This site is an ecommerce design, designed on Squarespace. We used Spreadshirt to sell her merch, too.


The Fourth Step: Apparel

The sub brand “Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit” was featured on tshirt designs, bags, and buttons. The FDGWMO brand is all about empowering women to rise above fear, anxiety and insecurity and cease the things that make them happy, fulfilled, and productive.