Uncloned Life - Brand Identity Design

Audria Richmond is a marketing genius, speaker and author (and photographer, and designer). When she approached me to create the brand identity for her new endeavor, Uncloned Life, I was excited because I really respected her design skills, and her marketing…well..genius! She shared with me that Uncloned Life was going to be a movement, an anti-brand, and the masthead of her personal brand, book, and service offerings. Hell…a conglomerate, really!

The First Step: Set the Mood

It’s always cool working with other creative folks. Audria invited me to her Pinterest board that was full of inspiration. I picked the images from the board that closely resonated with the spirit that she wanted to convey - unconventional, futuristic, vibrancy.
Buzzwords: Uncloned, Unconventional, Unabated, Unfettered, Dissimilar, Polarizing


The Second Step: The Brand Identity

It was all a dream (no Biggie)! No, seriously. I had a dream about “UN” (that’s the name of the Uncloned Mascot). I woke up and sketched her out with a ballpoint pen (check the sketch below). I explained to Audria that I used Dolly the Sheep as an inspiration. She loved the idea that Dolly was the first animal to be cloned and the rest is Uncloned history! The textmark is a tall, sans-serif typeface. The word “Uncloned” is disrupted to echo the irreverent spirit of the brand.


The Third Step: Collateral

Working with someone who is a fellow creative is FUN! We created so much collateral that it is hard to share it all. To this day, Audria is stretching the identity system of the Uncloned Life brand. We created book covers, journals, apparel, stickers, business cards, and social media graphics.