5 Ways Creatives Can Enhance Your Small Business


What compels you to buy a "Hot and Ready" pizza from Little Ceaser's at the end of a long work day?  How do you know that Wayfair has "just what you need"?  How did you figure out that Miller Lite was "spelled different because it's brewed different"?  Short answer - creatives.

Creatives are the people that interpret the world around us in unique and captivating ways. They entice us into buying products and assure us that it's safe to take adventures we never thought of taking before.  The big box brands I mentioned earlier employ a cadre of creatives to push their marketing messages.  Let's see...they use artistic directors, cinematographers, photographers, graphic designers, video editors, musicians, music producers, and so many more!  

As small business owners, we too can utilize the power of Creatives.  It can be easy to tell yourself that creativity isn't a priority financially.  I get it.  However, when you can invest in a creative...you should.  Here are five ways creatives can enhance your small business:

1. Brand Identity - Having a clearly recognizable Brand Identity that makes sense for your industry and business helps effectively communicate your brand values. A designer that prioritizes unique and creative design can create those visual elements for you.  Your business will appear professional, polished, and ready to take on clients. 

2. Marketing Collateral - I know you have heard this a million, gazillion times but, it bears repeating! Business cards have the potential to create an enormous impact on their recipient. A creative can help you create impactful and wow worthy business cards, brochures, flyers, menus, and even freebies like ink pens.

3. Advertisements - An ad is just words and pictures right? WRONG!  An ad can reach into a person's heart and pull out a 5 different emotions in a 30 second spot. Creatives like animators, video editors, and voice over talent can help you create amazing video that is compelling and will convert to sales!

4. Photography - In this visually driven on-line space, high quality, carefully curated images are so important.  Especially for small businesses and those of us with personal brands.  A great photographer is like a great doctor, they keep you looking and feeling good.  This is one creative you can't afford to NOT book.

5. Copy Writer - Did you scratch your head?  I know, I know.  You're thinking, I can certainly write and describe what my business is about all by myself.  I know you can!  I believe in you. But, listen to this:  Copy is so important.  What you say to your potential buyers is often times the last line of defense when it comes to making the sale.  Visual branding and photography may get your clients in the building but, the copy is the magnetic force that will compel them to buy!  Copy writers are creatives that tell the stories your buyers need to hear to buy.

**Bonus: Web Design - Your website is a digital home for your business.  When your clients and potential clients visit you on-line, you want the site to be easy to navigate, visually appealing and informative.  A web designer is your ace in the hole when it comes to designing your site.  They often times work with developers to custom build your site or serve as creative directors making sure your products and services shine!  Web designers are Creatives you want on your team!

That is just a short list of things that Creatives can do to help enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your small business or personal brand.

Besides Roseredd Etc. (of course right? LOL), who are your favorite Creatives?