What Beauty Professionals Need to Know About Branding


Calling all hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers, massage therapists, estheticians, and make up artists. Believe it or not, you are running a small business.  Shoot, you are the business!  I want to shed some light on what you need to do to attract clients that want to pay your fees, that value your artistry, and that keep you booked with referrals!  The number one key to achieving that popularity is to understand branding and how to apply it to your career in the beauty industry.

**Given:  Always, always, always assess who your ideal client persona is and what their pain points are.  Get very detailed.  The more you know about them, the better you can serve them!

1. Promote Your Strengths:  The number one key to branding yourself as a beauty professional is to highlight that one skill that you're better at than everyone else. The objective is to show people how they will benefit from selecting you as a service provider.  The way to do this is to ask yourself some direct questions like:  What marketable skills do I posses? Which of my skills do I most enjoy using? What are my most popular service requests?  What differentiates me from my counter-parts?  Do I see myself providing this service for the next five to ten years?

While you are considering what techniques you know and how well you perform certain skills, it's also important to consider personality traits.  Since we're talking about the service based side of the beauty industry, it's important that you evaluate the aspects of your personality that will positively affect your brand.  Think of characteristics like leadership, resourcefulness, communication with clients and co-workers, listening skills, patience, and empathy.

After you've conducted a self assessment, then, you will be well informed about what your next steps should be.  Do you love staying on the cutting edge of hair coloring trends?  Are you good at it?  Well, guess what?  That's your hallmark characteristic.  Focus on that whenever you are promoting your personal brand.

Pro tip: Keep a running list of the things you do well...that you actually enjoy!  Providing services you hate providing will only lead to disinterest and burn-out.

2. Brand Identity and Collateral:  Beauty professionals should always have both an online and off-line presence.  The best way to do this is to work with a designer to assist you in creating a visual brand identity which should include a logo, signature color palette, and brand collateral like business cards, pricing cards, customized smocks, appointment cards, flyers, and even product labels.  

A huge part of creating a beauty brand that resonates with your potential clients is to have great photography.  When you share your images on social media, they serve as a hook, reeling interested clients in, so be very selective about what images you elect to use.

The last major portion of your visual brand identity is your website.  It's very important that you have a functional, up to date website that allows customers to book you, and also provides would be customers with the ability to review your up to date portfolio that features current trends in beauty.

Pro tip: You are only as good as your weakest piece of brand collateral.  If you want to attract luxury clientele, then, you have to have business cards and a website that says luxury.  People decide what your brand is about by the way it is visually represented.

3. Connecting and Providing Value: Once you have decided who your target audience is, what skill(s) you are marketing, and have established your visual brand identity and brand collateral, it's time to decide how and where you will be marketing yourself.

Are you the "go to" person for the trendiest acrylic nails?  Great!  Show that!  Talk about what you know on social media.  Create posts that are enticing and that give your audience value. Through providing value, and fostering a connection with those that interact with you, you will build a community with you at its center.

When you are offline, you can attend industry events and share your skillset.  You can even attend beauty events and educate attendees.  Make it a practice to share what you know and illustrate how what you know will help people solve a beauty related problem.

Everything that you do for your brand is directly tied to how much money you make.  The more you know about who you are servicing and their needs, the better you will be positioned to earn more.

Need more help?  Book a call with me, and we'll discuss your plan of action.