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Brand Visuals are compliments to the entire Brand Identity.  Businesses usually create them to share news with their audience.  The news may be in the form of a new product or service, recognition of a holiday, a sale, or a general announcement.

These kinds of visuals are considered Brand Collateral.  Brand collateral is any visual that is used to communicate on behalf of the brand. Some examples of collateral are social media graphics, videos, invoices, hang tags, coupons, packaging, and more. 

It is important to be vigilant when creating these visuals because new and existing audience members are impacted by their interactions with these visuals.  These interactions directly impact the brand's positioning.

Every brand visual should be used to not only communicate the immediate message but, also the core values of the brand as well.

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Visual  Identity System


A Visual Identity System is a graphic representation of the Brand Strategy.  It is a collection of visual elements that communicate visually on behalf of the brand.  The job of the system is to consider all the applications of the identity across physical and digital touchpoints.  This system helps the audience navigate the brand and find their way to the desired product/service/outcome.  The Visual Identity System can be comprised of graphics, icons, color palettes, logos and sub-logos.


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What is the process?

Brand Guidelines

Images + Copy

At the beginning of the visual identity project, we collect the details of your brand's visual identity.  Your brand guidelines will provide your brand's color palette, logo usage rules, typography and additional pertinent details.

Every visual tells a story with both images and copy.  Depending upon the support we are providing we will need to collect either images, copy or both to support your project.

Brand Visuals

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