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Not just a Pretty Face

One of the most critical Branding functions is creating a visual identity.  If done strategically, the identity will be based on the foundational brand elements of Brand Values, Vision, Mission, Promise and Guarantee. 


These factors determine the brand’s behavior.  Those behaviors form the basis of the Brand Personality which comprises the brand’s human-like characteristics that project values and dictate the brand’s voice.

There are three main areas where a brand demonstrates its personality: 

  • In the marketplace, where the brand is selling its wares

  • Client-facing, where the brand directly interacts with its customers

  • Internally, where the brand interacts with its team members, contractors and vendors

The identity of a brand is the vehicle through which the company culture is conveyed to all who represent and shop with the brand.


Visual  Identity System

A Visual Identity System is a graphic representation of the Brand Strategy.  It is a collection of visual elements that communicate visually on behalf of the brand.  The job of the system is to consider all the applications of the identity across physical and digital touchpoints.  This system helps the audience navigate the brand and find their way to the desired product/service/outcome.  The Visual Identity System can be comprised of graphics, icons, color palettes, logos and sub-logos.

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What is the process?

01: Foundations

At the beginning of our path, we start with the heart of your brand by exploring your brand's foundational elements such as your vision, mission and values which determine your brand's behaviors.



The Brand Identity is the visual representation of the Brand Foundations and Brand Personality.  The IDentity system is comprised of the logo, color palette, patterns/textures, typography, imagery.  This portion of the path is dedicated to strengthening the visual relationship with the audience.



Your Brand Personality is made up of a set of human-like characteristics that endear your audience to you.  These characteristics differentiate your brand by forging genuine human connections. In this step we explore all the elements of the brand's personality to fully understand how to share it verblly and visually.



Documenting not only Brand Strategy but, Brand Guidelines creates support for maintaining the integrity of the brand.  It's important to rules that are easy for team members and creative support to follow.  

Brand Visual Identity

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