Crafty: Fall Crown


I love crowns and hats.  When I had a head full of locs I didn't like them because nothing ever fit on my head.  Now that I have no hair, I'm in love again.  I didn't want the crown to go away now that the seasons are changing. So, I decided to make my own Fall version.  Let's get started!


Crafting Skill Level: Beginner


Supplies: Wire cutter, scissors, all purpose craft glue, florist tape (brown), floral vine wire, artificial plants, berries, feathers, and VISION. 

Step 1: Using your head, create a crown base using the vine wire.  Trim the wire with wire cutters and twist the ends together to make your circle.  *Vine wire is best because it's sturdy and malleable. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.

Step Two:  Use your florist wire (not the vine wire), to hold the end of your leaf in place.  Then, wrap florist tape around it.  Repeat this process as many times as necessary to add the greenery to your crown.

Step Three:  Add your berries by manipulating the wire around your existing "crown base".  *This was pretty difficult for me.  That berry spray was pretty thick so, I used pliers to bend and twist the berry spray.

Step Four: This is the fourth and final step.  It's a two-parter:

4a - Create the feather spray by first, combining all your feathers into a group.  Then, bind them together with florist wire.  You can configure them one they're secured by the wire.  Once you have your configuration, use small dabs of craft glue coupled with florist tape to hold them in place. *Next time I'll use a small strip of felt for this instead of the florist tape.

4b - Using florist wire bind the feather spray to the crown.  Then, use florist tape to cover that wire.

Your crown is DONE!  Now, I bent my crown into a Banana clip shape.  You can keep it in a traditional form.  Totally flexible!  Have fun and tag me when you post your own crowns #Rosereddetc.