The ABCs of Creative

We all know that the best way to understand anything you do is to first understand the lingo. Show of hands. How many times have you gone to make a simple recipe or complete a small home improvement project only to be stumped by words or phrases like "one cup of butter, divided" or "angle supply"?

Yeah, we know. We decided that the design world didn't have to be so hard to understand. This series is here to shorten the uncomfortable chasm that exists between a perfectly executed creative project and "how are we supposed to know what assets we have?".

This week's letter is A for ASSETS.

In order to understand what brand assets are, you first need to understand what brand elements are. Brand elements are anything from your logotype, color palette, typography, taglines, jingles to brand photography. Elements become Assets the moment your audience begins to align those elements with your brand specifically.

Let's say that your pencil business has a cool jingle that goes something like (to the tune of the ABC song) "Think of all that you could stencil, if you used our handy pencils!" and the audience connects that jingle with your pencil business specifically then...YOU'VE GOT AN ASSET! If your audience thinks about all pencils, markers and pen makers then, you've got a catchy brand element on your hands.

Stack Your Assets Like Tetris

All businesses need to cultivate as many brand assets as possible. Brand assets make it easier to for your audience to connect with your business. Every connection deepens your relationship with your audience and every relationship is where the BRAND LIVES.

It's not a difficult task to understand what brand assets you have. Begin by asking your existing audience and customers one simple question "What do you think about when you think of us?".

Now, go and build a brand you can be proud of.

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