Canva Training: Takin' It Off Template

canva course-02.png
canva course-02.png

Canva Training: Takin' It Off Template


Canva for Work is an amazing design tool for entrepreneurs.  There is one big issue.  Everyone is using the same templates.  You want your designs to be unique and custom designed to reflect your brand.  Everything you create should be designed to attract your ideal clients.

(You can use the free version of Canva for this training however, we will be using Canva for Work features during instruction.)

This self-paced, project based, video course is going to teach you how to achieve that sought after, custom designed look for your Canva designs.

You will learn:

*How to create custom design elements for your designs.

* How to layer elements for a custom design.

*How to get the most out of Canva Features.

*How to utilize layout and composition for the best designs.

*How to select and pair typography.

You will receive:

*Project Files for following along and practice.

*Canva cheat sheet.

*1 hour video training.


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