Strategy is the best buzz word going! All it means is PLAN. It’s a plan that shifts you from thinking about your goals to actually achieving those goals. Creating a Visual Identity Strategy is all about cultivating a plan that ensures that your brand assets assist you in reaching your business goals. We work together to ensure that everything that is happening at your digital and physical touch points either grows your community or helps you make the sale.

During our session, we will define your objectives, identify your audience, outline the desired user experience, create action list for building assets, and cultivate success metrics.


Maybe, you are experiencing something like…

  • You have great brand assets and now, you don’t know what to do next

  • You aren’t making sales like you used to

  • You don’t know how to communicate to a designer what collateral you need for:

    • Marketing campaigns

    • Community building

    • Website design

  • You feel itchy just thinking about fonts and colors

  • You used to LOVE your brand identity but, now, not so much

  • You have been on the DIY train for a long time and you are ready for an uplevel

  • You are a serial entrepreneur and you are starting another venture that needs an identity system