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Brand Foundations

Our voyage begins with Brand Foundations, the solid ground upon which we build your brand. Here, we collaborate with you to identify what matters most to your brand and the people it serves.


Through a hand-holding process, we help you identify you mission, vision, values and purpose – ensuring your brand has a clear direction and strong foundation.

Brand Identity

Next up, we focus on Brand Identity, the collection of visual and messaging elements that give your brand its unique personality. Just like a fingerprint, your brand should be distinctive and immediately recognizable. Our team create the logo, color scheme, typography and design elements that perfectly capture your brand’s essence.

Brand Personality

Our voyage continues with Brand Personality. Here, we define your brand’s human characteristics and personality traits that intrigue, engage and attract attention, interest and clients/customers.


This stop on the Everlasting Brand Path™️ ensures that every interaction your brand has with its audience is genuine, consistent and memorable

Brand Equity

Lastly, we build Brand Equity – the value, meaning and perception that your brand will capture in the marketplace. Brand Equity encompasses your brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, recognition and financial performance.


This is where the heels tap the pavement, and we establish your brand as one that delivers on its promises and creates positive experiences for the people you serve.

When you work with us, we use our signature Everlasting Brand Path™️ to place you on the yellow brick road to branding, leaving you to ease into a brand that feels uniquely and naturally you.

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