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We build brands so well that

you won't have to do it twice.™️

Since our inception in 2016, we've embraced a philosophy of focused excellence. We don't claim to do it all; instead, we specialize in doing what we do exceptionally well.

Brand Strategy is about positioning your business intentionally in the marketplace. We guide you through analyzing the market, competitors, and your brand to spotlight your value proposition. 

Brand Strategy

We've developed a seamless phased process to achieve your unique story, vision, and purpose through visuals and voice.

Brand Identity

We're all about crafting dynamic digital designs that make your brand shine. From eye-catching websites to social media graphics, we bring your online presence to life.


We support your brand by filling in the creative gaps that can sometimes present themselves during a marketing campaign.

Creative Consulting

Many leaders have mastered serving their clients but, not serving their brands.


Folks misunderstand the relationship between brand building, marketing,

and conversion.


Many brand decisions are made on the fly.


After eight years, hundreds of projects, and innumerable interactions with busy CEOs and leaders, here's what we learned:

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Roseredd Etc.® was created to change the world by changing how impactful leaders build their brands.

The better the brand, the more substantial the impact.

Welcome to our garden.

Our in-house team makes everything bloom with excellence.

We also work with a talented network of people from around the world.

Brittany Hawkins

Jr. Designer. Fine Artist.

Contributes the BIG Ideas.

Ashley Kramer

Lead Designer. Art Director.

Always Finds the Creative Edge.

Ebone Shardae

Ops Director, Brand Strategist

Leads with Holistic Wellness.

Rochelle Sodipo
Founder, Creative Director.

Builds Soul Level Brands.


Ready to Watch Your Brand Thrive? Let's Grow Together!
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