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I'm Rochelle.

I believe in your brand.

Every business is unique.

We’ve developed a bespoke client experience that allows us to build genuine connections and generate growth experiences, allowing each brand to exhibit its distinctive personality, values, goals, and vision.

Our portfolio spans from local grassroots companies to organizations with complex offerings and guess what? 

We’ve saved a seat for you. 


If you’re looking for a creative agency partner to create or share your story in the most beautifully rich and inventive way, then let’s talk.


Our idea of a peachy project... one where we are able to help our clients plant the seeds of a memorable brand identity.  Nothing pleases us more than helping our clients cultivate the impact they desire.

We are positively ecstatic about creating collateral to support marketing campaigns and designing digital homes to support the brands we work with.

Moreover, the thing we love more than anything (including peach cobbler a la mode) is building Legacy Client relationships. 


We want to be there as our clients grow their businesses and their creative.  Think of us as your Brand Auntie, always there with an interesting idea and a stylish pocketbook full of hard candy.

What we do:

What we don't do:

Brand Identity Design

Brand Strategy

Creative Consulting

Digital Design

Drink Gallons of Sparkling H20


Singing While Working

Trek the Woods

Website Design 


Deprioritize Our Clients

Disparage the Atlanta Falcons


Marketing Plan Development

Pose Not Perform


Work on Holidays (including Juneteenth)

Who is on the Team?

We're a small but, mighty team of agile creatives.  We not only have a powerhouse, in-house team, we also work with trusted partners and creative project teams from all over the world.

Nothin' but the best for you, darlin'.

Team Roseredd:

Rosereddetc_CEO_Creative Director_Rochelle_Sodipo

Rochelle Sodipo

CEO, Creative Director

Ebone Williams

Right Hand, Operations

Ashley Kramer

Design Dynamo, Graphic Designer

Roseredd Etc_Doggala_Marie_Trusted_Parte

Doggala Marie

Director of Barks and Naps

Our Trusted Partners:

Rosereddetc_Sr Designer_Alicia_Fitch
Roseredd Etc_Audria_Richmond_Trusted_Par

Alicia Fitch

Sr. Graphic Designer

Brighter Ink Studios

Audria Richmond

Marketing and Launch Strategist

UnCloned Marketing®

Roselly Monegro

Handlettering Artist + Muralist

The Inking Rose

Rosereddetc_Copy Director_Tierany_Griffin-Purdie

Tierany Griffin-Purdie

Copy Director

Work With Tierany