South Atlanta High School

South Atlanta High School is part of the Atlanta Public School System.  The school and its identity have made several transitions since the 1950's.  However, in 1994, the school (then, Walter F. George HS) merged with Fulton High School to create the South Atlanta High School of today.

At that time the school's color palette and mascot were patterned after the Charlotte Hornets NBA team.  In the 21st century, the school has utilized varying mascot versions and crest/shield iterations of their logo.

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The example below is of the artwork that was part of the South Atlanta High School's storied past.  This artwork informed our decisions about the nucleus of the identity system, the Hornet.

What Carried Over?

  • Anthropormorphic hornet with a humanlike upperbody

  • Agressive facial expression

  • Abdomen and stinger

  • Clinched fists

  • Mandible/Nose combination

We have all exprienced attending High School and developing great pride in the school, the students and staff.  One of the biggest challenges that we had to overcome during this project was creating a new identity that respected the past and honored the present while considering the future.

RR Portfolio - SAHS-3.png

Monogram + Mascot

Mascot Sticker


Combination Mark


A copy.gif
RR Portfolio - SAHS-2.png