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A pioneering program to amplify and publish the stories of underrepresented women.
Women & Words

"Women & Words," a collaborative initiative by Penguin Random House and Storehouse, is dedicated to amplifying the stories of underrepresented women by enshrining them in print. This program is unique in that it is shaped by the voices and perspectives of the women it aims to support. Earlier this year, the creators reached out to understand the challenges and dreams of these women in the publishing landscape, and the overwhelming response helped sculpt a program tailored to meet their unique literary aspirations.


Brand Strategy, Print Design, Advertisement, Presentation Templates, Social Media Design


The design mission for "Women & Words" was to create collateral that authentically reflects the program's commitment to amplifying the stories of underrepresented women. This involves using empowering visuals, inclusive and supportive messaging, and accessible formats to ensure diverse women's voices are celebrated and enshrined in print.

Hex: #B44928
Hex: #DD471D
Hex: #F17A2E
Hex: #F2F1EB

We used a warm, empowering color palette and modern, elegant and clean typography to convey strength and inclusivity.

For graphics, we tried to maintain a cohesive visual identity with a consistent color palette and typography along with hand-drawn elements. 


In the print collateral, we feature motivational quotes, user-friendly layouts for goal setting and a guided timeline from writing to publishing.

Inside the Design
Women & Words_RR Portfolio2.gif
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