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Brand It For Real™, is the premier training arm of Roseredd Etc.®, where we equip our students with the tools and insights to create an unforgettable brand.

We understand the importance of a magnetic brand in today's marketplace, and that's why we offer collaborative workshops that help our students cultivate a magnetic brand that resonates with their target audience. We provide a space for our attendees to deepen their understanding of branding and develop the skills necessary to create a lasting impact.

We believe in meeting our community where they are most comfortable, so we facilitate in-person and virtual workshops. Whether you prefer to attend in-person or from the comfort of your home or office, we support you on your branding journey.

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Our signature trainings are designed to provide our students with the foundational knowledge and practical tools necessary to create a brand that connects and endures.

The solid ground that your brand is built upon. The goal for establishing your Brand Foundation is to identify what matters most to the brand and the people the brand serves.

The Brand It For Real Weekend is our flagship workshop where attendees build their brand from scratch utilizing our proprietary framework, "The Everlasting Brand Path." This workshop covers all the essential elements of branding, including Brand Foundations, Brand Identity, Brand Personality and Culture, and Brand Equity.

Canvacadabra is another one of our popular workshops, where attendees learn how to create an autonomous brand experience by leveraging Canva to develop and maintain their brand's identity system. We teach attendees how to use Canva to design visual elements that align with their brand, from logos and social media graphics to marketing materials.

At Roseredd Etc.®, we are committed to providing our attendees with a warm and supportive environment to explore their branding potential. Join us for one of our signature trainings, and let us help you create a brand that truly represents your unique voice and vision.
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