It's nothing like growing a strong and dedicated following that is invested in your brand.  

You need to harness the power of what makes your business unique.  The best way to communicate that is to project that in your visual brand identity.  

A brand identity serves as a guarantee between you and your client.  It tells them what to expect from your business.  It communicates the values that help the customer decide if they want to align with your brand.

Think of me as your Creative Catalyst. I help you spark a creative flame and shape it so that it makes sense for your business. 

I am here to help you to define, create, and refine your visual brand identity system so that your brand can sing love songs to the clients you want to attract.

Reasons We May be a Good Fit:

Listen, I won't lie to you.  Your graphic designer/branding support is like your most trusted adviser, or confidant.  You share the dreams, goals, and priorities for your business and then, trust them, to help you make them come true!  So, it's gotta be the right person.

That kind of responsibility means we've got to be riding the same wave and dancing to the same beat!  We may vibe well if:

*You are ready to turn over your project completely.  None of that backseat driving or micro-managing.

*Creativity ranks in your top three priorities when it comes to your brand's visual identity.

*You have done your research and have passed the "kicking the tires" phase.

*You are ready to hear what you NEED to know about your brand, and not what you WANT to hear.  There will be no sugar coating or gassing up!

*You are prepared to make an INVESTMENT into your brand identity.  Good design is like a neon sign hanging above a plush red carpet!  It communicates a FEELING that lets your clients know they BELONG!



In order to begin our journey down branding and design lane, I want to share that the investment for my brand identity packages are $2500 or $10,000.  Availability is limited.  

If you know you're ready to embark on your journey, then, click the button below and let's begin!


Okay, so you have an outstanding brand identity but, you don't know exactly what to do now.  What exactly are your IG posts supposed to look like?  How do you come up with a marketing campaign?  What the hell is a visual identity system anyway?

Enter: The Brand Break-Down  

One hour of planning, organizing, and road mapping to develop the rules and guidelines for your brand identity.

What cha get:  3 hour session on Zoom, PDF of recommended next steps + guidelines and rules for using your branding, and a recording of our phone call. You will also be able to email me for 5 business days after our call for support.  Finally, you will have one 15 minute check-up call a month after your first call!